Sholom Jacobs developed a love and appreciation for music at a very young age and over the years has nurtured it and developed it into a singing and chazzanus career that has taken him around the world.  Growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, Sholom began wowing audiences from the tender age of five, entertaining large crowds of all ages.  By the time he was in Israel studying in yeshiva, his Jewish music career was underway and he was ready to take his passion for tefillah and nusach to the next level. 

            He studied chazzanus at the Jerusalem Cantorial Institute under world renowned chazzanim, Naftali Hershtik, Yisroel Rand, and Benjamin Munk, earning himself a degree in nussach chazzanut.  For over ten years, he was the chazzan for Yamim Noraim in Glasgow, Scotland, assisted by a shul choir inspiring the entire community.  He also conducted services in Poland, Israel, London, Manchester, and Birmingham.  This past year, he led services for the chief Rabbi of the UK, Rabbi Sir Jonathon Saks at the Birmingham Hebrew congregation. He has performed together with chazzan Bentzion Miller, the famed chazzan of Bethel of Brooklyn.  For the past two years Sholom had the honor of serving his community as the Chazzan for yomim noraim at his own shul, Chabad of the Five Towns.  He looks forward to davening there again this year.

          In 2004, Sholom released his first music album, a duet called Pi Shnayim with his good friend and fellow singer, Aryeh Pearlman.  Following that album, he released A Gut Yohr, which he produced and sang on together with some huge young talent in the Jewish music industry, including Eitan Katz, Shloimie Kaufman, Yoili Greenfeld and many others.  He has sung on the stages of four Hasc concerts, Ohel concerts, the Arutz Sheva concert, Haazinu concerts to name just a few.  His singing venues have spanned the us, from Arizona to Wisconsin, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and most notably, NYC at Lincoln center, Madison square garden, queens college, to name a few.  Sholom has shared the stage with his icon, Avraham Fried, on numerous occasions as well as Schweky, MBD, Gabay and Boruch Levine. The son of Lubavich Shluchim, Sholom feels strongly that he use his talent as part of his shlichus in this world. Weather he is uplifting the spirits of a community with his soulful davening or entertaining crowds in concert, it is evident that Sholom’s heart and soul are connected to music deeper than anything in the world.


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